Ferny Grove State School

If you have any photos or memorabilia you would be willing to share then please email it to reunion@mitchie78.com.

The Grade 6's & 7's when we were in Grade 6
BACK ROW: Neville Collins, Cameron Mcgregor (Gr7), Billy Yoh Yeh, Mark Zunich (Gr7), Mark Carter
MIDDLE ROW: Glenda Pickering, Ricky Coble (Gr7), Jeffrey Levy, Darryl McGinn, Elizabeth Barlow (Gr7)
FRONT ROW: Leonie Yoh Yeh, Roslyn Cooper, Margaret Lisle, Dianne Easton, Janelle Finnen (Gr7), Tracey Tucker, Susan Blackmore (Gr7), Donna Easton (Gr7)
ABSENT: Evan Jones