35 Year Reunion (2013) at Al Beik Restaurant, Spring Hill

If you have any photos or memorabilia you would be willing to share then please email it to reunion@mitchie78.com.

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Thank-you to Ali (Brian Woodrow's son-in-law) for hosting our Reunion at his newly opened restaurant
Wendy Carlyon (Bailye) & Julie Paton (Clahsen)
Julie Paton (Clahsen) & Carol O'Pray
Murray Friedman, Tim Mander & Robert McCall
Donna Manley (Burrows), Cameron Weir
Anna Yen, Jeff Turpin, Nerylie Fischer (Whitecross), Caroline Douglas & Helen Staines (Weir)
Janifer Nicoll (Harland), Kerry Ward, Mick Clahsen & Julie Paton (Clahsen)
Donna Manley (Burrows), Kym Daly, Julie Cogill (Eaton)
Jack Houston & Shane McErlean
Tim Mander, Leanne Cummings (Turner), Mark Turner, Donna Manley (Burrows)
Gary Horwood, Noel Noon & Janifer Nicoll (Harland)
Shane McErlean, Phil Glen, Gary Kennedy, Brian Woodrow, Diane Philip (Davidson), Tim Mander, Leanne Cummings (Turner), Nerylie Fischer (Whitecross)
Julie Cogill (Eaton), Donna Manley (Burrows), Lisa Wignall (Freed)
Cameron Weir, Jack Houston, Kym Daly, Wendy Carlyon (Bailye), Gary Horwood, Lisa Wignall (Freed), Kerry Ward, Kerrie Luckmann (Callaghan), Caroline Douglas, Monique Granne (Marshall), Bill O'Pray
Shane McErlean, Tim Mander, Jack Houston
Wayne Holloway & Donna McNelley (Deller)
Janifer Nicoll (Harland), Mick Clahsen, Kym McKee (Pierro), Ian Turner
Donna Manley (Burrows), Jack Houston, Lisa Wignall (Freed)
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