45 Year Reunion (2023) at Arana Hills Leagues Club

If you have any photos or memorabilia you would be willing to share then please email it to reunion@mitchie78.com.

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Thank-you to all 60 people who attended!
Louis Spelta & Kevin Bird
Diane Philip (Davidson), Kathy Hall (Taylor), Wendy Morris (Lewin), Lynda Jordan (Wendy's younger sister), Nerylie Fischer (Whitecross)
Silvana Balharry (Gordon's wife), Louis Spelta, Gayle Mander (Tim's wife)
Clinton Argent (Donna's husband), Donna Winn (Argent), Trevor Foster (background), Gary Horwood, Vicki West (Stevens)
Mark Turner (Leanne's husband), Neale Kelly, Mick Bertwistle
Wendy Carlyon (Bailye), Trevor Foster, Bruce McCallum
Mick Clahsen & Tim Mander
Lisa Wignall (Freed), Cameron Weir, Leanne Cummings (Turner), Kerry Ward
Jayne Hay (John's wife) & Michelle McCallum (Bruce's wife)
Peter O'Brien, Trevor & Vivienne Torrens
John (Zak) Smith, Brian Stevens, Mick Clahsen, Lisa Wignall (Freed)
Julie Paton (Clahsen) & Donna Winn (Argent)
Vivienne Torrens (Trevor's wife), Karen Bickmore, Helen Greer (Pickering), Gary Kennedy, John Hay
Brian Woodrow, Trevor Torrens, Bill O'Pray, Tim Mander
Louis Spelta, Wendy Carlyon (Bailye), Kerry Ward, Kevin Bird
Trevor Foster, Kathy Hall (Taylor), Lee Grice, Bruce (background) & Michelle McCallum, John Hay, Tarnya Grice (Lee's wife)
Nerylie Fischer (Whitecross), Vicki West (Stevens), Helen Greer (Pickering), Helen Hall (Scarffe)
Gary Kennedy & Mick Eather
Lisa Wignall (Freed), Julie Paton (Clahsen), Donna Manley (Burrows)
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