Mitchie High Class List of 1978

We're still trying to track-down a number of people so please email us at if you can help us!

Finished in Grade 12

First Name Surname Found?
Lorae Adams
Stewart Allan
Karen Anderson
Gordon Balharry yes
Rod Banks
Ann Barnes (Robinson)
Harris Barnes yes
Kent Barton yes
Kevin Bird yes
John Birse yes
Beth Blumel (Shanley) yes
Tom Bradbury
Muriel Brough yes
Lisa Brown (Ward) deceased
Lesley Campbell (Jenkins) yes
Sue Campbell yes
Wendy Carlyon (Bailye) yes
Janelle Cash (Solomon) yes
David Chapman yes
Mick Clahsen yes
Sheryl Clissold (Venz)
Neville Collins yes
Jenny Connellan (Ware) yes
Leanne Cummings (Turner) yes
Alana Cutmore yes
Kym Daly yes
Geoff Davis
Bruce Day
Bill Diehm yes
Caroline Douglas yes
Michael Eather yes
Jean Eldridge
Karen Emons (Probert) yes
Julie Farrington (Houston)
Nerylie Fischer (Whitecross) yes
Gary Flynn
Trevor Foster yes
Stephen Francis yes
Ruth Freeburn yes
Murray Friedman yes
Linda Fullar (Johnstone)
Phil Glen yes
Monique Granne (Marshall) yes
Colin Greenhalgh
Lee Grice yes
Michael Grice
David Hall yes
Kathy Hall (Taylor) yes
Karen Hansen yes
John Hay yes
Eileen Hebblewhite (Sheppard) yes
Robert Hellyar
Michael Hendle
Wayne Holloway yes
Linda Hopley (Myles-Whittington) yes
Glenda Horne
Gary Horwood yes
Jack Houston yes
Robyn Hull (Muir)
Janeen Jardine
Andrea Javorkai (Rocha) yes
Evan Jones
Lindy Jones yes
Gary Kennedy yes
Paul Keylar yes
Julie Kunde (Webb) yes
Stan Lawler
Grant Lever
Desleigh Lindberg deceased
Margaret Lisle
Karen Livesey
Karen Lloyd (Caddies)
Kerrie Luckmann (Callaghan) yes
Tim Mander yes
Donna Manley (Burrows) yes
Richard Marsden
Tracie Marshall (Warner)
Ross Mason deceased
Robert McCall yes
Bruce McCallum yes
David McCulloch
Shane McErlean yes
Tracey McGrath (Greendyke) yes
Kym McKee (Pierro) yes
Donna McNelley (Deller) yes
Brian Mellow
Ralph Miller
Ray Mitchell yes
Deborah Moesbergen (Heales) yes
Mike Moesbergen
Greg Moon
Jeff Morgan yes
Kathy Morgan
Wendy Morris (Lewin) yes
Carolyn Murphy (Trigg)
Enid Murrell deceased
Janifer Nicoll (Harland) yes
Peter O'Brien yes
Richard O'Brien yes
Bill O'Pray yes
Michael Petter
Angela Petterson
Diane Philip (Davidson) yes
Mark Philistin deceased
Mark Prussian
Storm Quine (Schouw) yes
Michele Rodger (Ritchie) yes
Kylie Rollston (Bertwistle) yes
Joe Schmidt deceased
Robert Shaw
Kathy Simpson (Johnson) yes
Steven Smart yes
John (Zak) Smith yes
Wayne Solomon
Russell Sparksman yes
James Spreadborough
Dean Sullivan
Grant Tanzer yes
Ross Taylor yes
Sue-Ellen Taylor yes
Karyn Thomas
Peter Thomson
Trevor Torrens yes
Ross Towell
Barry Trinder yes
Ian Turner yes
Jeff Turpin yes
Gavin Turrell yes
Mark Veltmeyer yes
Georgina Walker
Rob Walker
Kerry Ward yes
Jan Wegner yes
Cameron Weir yes
Lisa Wignall (Freed) yes
Debra Willis (Stubbs) yes
Donna Winn (Argent) yes
Brian Woodrow yes
Peter Woodward
James Young

Escaped before Grade 12

First Name Surname Found?
Les Afflick
Graham Bartlett
Karen Bickmore (Ross) yes
Sharyn Bickmore (Wearne) yes
Peter Bobir yes
Elwynne Buckley (Maas) yes
Russell Campbell yes
Marianne Claybourn (Strange) yes
Julie Cogill (Eaton) yes
Lyndall Cole yes
Debbie Cook (Kilbride) yes
Desley Corbett
Kelly Cross (Walter) yes
Gary Currell yes
Vicki Dacey (Hickin)
Garry Day yes
Glenn Delhaas
Karen Edwards (Jackson) deceased
Lyle Greenstreet yes
Helen Greer (Pickering) yes
Helen Hall (Scarffe) yes
Donna Hanlon (Noon) yes
Russell Jones
Amanda Kann (McMillan) yes
Vanessa Kann (Mcloughlin) yes
Peter Kassulke
Lindsay Kelly
Neale Kelly
Craig Kjaeff
Nick Lightfoot yes
Alison Little (Moffat) yes
Peter Mann deceased
Shane Marles
Debbie McGrath yes
Kenny McMaster yes
Scott McMaster
Janet Menzies (Redgewell) yes
Robyn Miles (Leigh Rawding) yes
James Miller yes
Robert Miller
Iris Mionnet (Anderson) yes
Lorna Mitchell
Kerry Mlynarczyk yes
Shane Morgan
Gary Mulcahy deceased
Carol O'Connor (Payne) yes
Wendy O'Keefe (Ryan) yes
Jenny Palmer
David Parsons yes
Julie Paton (Clahsen) yes
Greg Petroff yes
Shayne Potter yes
Mick Price yes
Alex Richards (Robertson)
Patricia Robinson
Jane Rushby
Charlie Simpson
Trish Sparrow (Hegarty) yes
Louis Spelta yes
Brian Stevens yes
Graham Swanston
Leann Toye (Taylor) yes
Tracey Tucker (Collins) yes
Murray Turner
Caroline Van der Heiden yes
Yvonne Vermeer (Driscoll) yes
Ruth Walters (Rogers) yes
Donna Warry (Hartley) yes
Kay Watterson (Sawyer) yes
Vicki Werrin (McCurdy) yes
Michael West
Vicki West (Stevens) yes
Donna White (Yesberg) yes
Julie Woods (Sales) yes
Billy Yow Yeh deceased
Leonie Yow Yeh (Young)