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Wendy Carlyon says: Well,30 years.....Unbelievable.I still live in Samford so see lots of past friends .Its amazing how many people have stayed in the area..Mostly have kept in contact with Kathy Hall and Ross Taylor , David Hall,and Gary Horwood and see the Clahsens and Phillip Cambell at soccer.We used to have a shop in Samford so saw quite a few old (!!)mitchie people there.Its always great to see people from school days.It seems so long ago but other times seems like yesterday.I see Stuart Allen occasionally .He works at the bottle shop next to IGA at Samford-I told him he was "found" but he seems to want to hide! My life has been like most - had its ups and downs and roundabouts.Both my mum and dad passed away in the last year and a half.We nursed them both at home - that has been ,and still is , a pretty amazing journey - I am still recovering but so glad we managed it .I have had four full time years caring for very ill parents and bringing up two teenagers .Makes you appreciate life and being alive.I live contentedly with my partner of 24 years Murray and my two boys Sam (20)and Olly(14)at Samford where I grew up.My working life of late is as a textile artist -it has been a joy to work artistically full time.My artwork has been my saving grace.I am in a happy peaceful space in myself and looking forward to the next part of my journey.I am excited about the next 30 years.Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.Not to be missed...the last one was so much fun!
Posted Thu 9 Oct 2008 10:18 AM
Enid Murrell says: From Grovely 1967 to Mitchie 1978. Time has passed - I have just found my grade one school photo - 1967 Grovely SS and started to remember all the good times at school . It has been 41 years since Jenny Connellan, Garry Horwood, Julie Paton, Murray Friedman, Ross Taylor and myself amongst others started school with Miss Blow. My last memory of high school was coming out in measles one day after school had finished. I finished a BSc at the U of Q in 1981. I have lived in Canberra since 1993 and yes I am a public servant - working in IT. I am single and have no children. I try to escape Canberra for part of the winter and head north. I love travelling and have backpacked through parts of Europe in the 80s. The 90s I holidayed in SE Asia. In the 2003 I have travelled to Morocco, in 2005 visited my brother in England and in 2007 I went to Transylvania in Romania. This year took my nieces (17 and 20) to Thailand for a holiday. My mother still lives in Arana Hills, she is 87 and still very active (currently painting a fence). My brother (Ian) has just returned for living in the UK, where he worked as a nurse. My father died in 1986 of cancer. We must seem dinosaurs to the students who finish school this year. Our school had no PCs or inter net. We had to use home land lines or public phones to talk to each other. No texting every 2 minutes via mobiles! We listened to records or cassettes and waited for Countdown each weekend. I can't make it to the reunion but I will be up at Xmas time. (Julie I will bring the grade one photo) Cheers Enid
Posted Mon 6 Oct 2008 10:45 AM
Kathy Simpson says: Hi Alison, It was great to catch up with you on Saturday night and to do lots of reminicing with you. had a great time
Posted Sun 5 Oct 2008 3:46 PM
Alison Little (nee Moffat) says: Hi everyone, I left Mitchie in year 11 but ended up back at school a couple of years later at Kelvin Grove. I have had a variety of office jobs over the years, but ended up in Dept of Child Safety working with James Spreadborough - how's that for a small world. After 13 years there I transferred over Dept Employment & Industrial Relations as an Freedom of Information Officer. I have been married to my husband Brendan for 24 years (I met him when my sister married his brother!!), & I have 2 children Erin 21 & Daniel 19. Erin is a social worker with Dept of Child Safety & Daniel is working in IT at the RBH. My husband Brendan is also a public servant with Natural Resources, & worked with Wayne Solomon for some time. We are still living in the area at Ferny Hills & to come full circle both my kids went to Mitchie. And yes they still sing the school song at every assembly. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone at the reunion.
Posted Sun 5 Oct 2008 9:03 AM
Jenny Connellan says: It's interesting to read what some of you have been up to over the past 30 years. I cant say my story sounds as exciting as some but here goes. I too worked a few years in the Commonwealth bank at Mitchie with Gary & Muriel when leaving school. Got married in '82 to Ray the fireman (yep 26 years) and transferred to the Gold Coast where we have lived ever since. We have 3 daughters, Jasmine 23, Nikki 21 and Amanda 16. I've competed in a few Masters Games (basketball & athletics) but common sense has finally prevailed and my knees have also given up on me. Could possibly have something to do with a few extra kilos for them to carry around. We have been in management rights for the past 5 years and are currently in a very busy holiday building at Burleigh which leaves little time for anything else. Look forward to catching up with everyone in a couple of weeks.
Posted Sat 4 Oct 2008 7:30 AM
Bill Diehm says: Like others I have been meaning to put a post up. 30 years is a long time with a lot of experiences happening in that time. Quick summary. Finished school in 1978 and 'won' a scholarship to study Forestry at Gympie where I graduated in 1981 and become a Timber Research Technician for Forestry Department -subjected pieces of wood to all sorts of torture in the name of science. Left their in 1990 to work for a Christian youth organisation called Youth Alive as their State Administrator. Then in 1997 scored a radio announcing job at Brisbane radio station 96five FM. Worked on air their till mid 2006 where I am now involved off air in a marketing/PR role. Cant believe I ended up in radio and its been great fun. I guess it gave me a chance to catch up with a few Mitchie people over the years. Maybe me talking more than them. Married to Kylie a nurse and now live in Ipswich with Harrison aged 10, Jenna 7 and Jack 5 years old. Spend most of spare time chasing after their activities. I think I am reaping what I did to my parents. Great reading all these memories. Hope to catch up at the reunion.
Posted Sat 4 Oct 2008 5:27 AM
Gary Horwood says: Nev, You've bought back memories of that first day at high school. You're right ....what an overwhelming day it was. And this added to the Cyclone that had hit Brisabne and delayed the start of school by a day ot two. Your fears about the Keperra gang were real. The only reason I felt less threatened was that my sister was good mates with a few of them. So if it ever looked like their interest turned my way I was always prepared to "name drop" my way out of trouble
Posted Wed 1 Oct 2008 10:41 PM
Neville Collins says: 1973---11 grade 7 students out of a school of 75 at Ferny Grove State School in a 3 room building . 1974----300 odd kids about to be divided into 13 grade 8 classes. I really hoped that I wasn't put in 8A13 !!! Well I wasn't ,but what a culture shock it was.So big,so many kids -- a different teacher for every class, a different room for every lesson. No more walking to school, it was on the push bike,down to the train station at FernyGrove, on the 7.40 to the city and off at Grovely for a 10 minute walk up Dawson Parade to the school with a bag which I reckon must have weighed about 20 kilos. In the 5 years that I attended Mitchie I never ever went near Keperra station due to the horror stories told to me about the Keperra gang which used to hang about the milk bar in Dallas Parade. 1978--- we started turning 17 and getting drivers licences. Ralph Miller was even able to get a hold of his mother's brand new Cortina Ghia once a week and his mates(me included) thought we were the bees knees when we escaped at lunchtime to whichever milkbar we pleased. James Spreadborough had a magnificent 50's vintage Austin which he must have got off his grandmother and I remember Steve Smart and myself and some others swapping the spark plug leads about at lunch time one day. It nearly blew the exhaust off when he tried to start it that afternoon---- There are many more stories to be told and not only by me I'm sure. See you all soon Neville
Posted Wed 1 Oct 2008 9:44 PM
Nerylie Fischer says: I've been reading everyone's posts for some weeks now - I guess it's time to share my story... I left school and went to QUT to study Chirpody. I graduated as a Podiatrist as the name changed. Many people ask why I studied feet and my honest and quick response was - they wouldn't let me do anything else! Who paid those Guidance Officers to predict our TE scores and tell us what course we would get accepted into? Anyway I digress. I first worked at the PA and ran into Neville and Diane a few times. After 5yrs I left to have children ( having married a Victorian journalist Darryl, I met at church). While with-child I began part-time tutoring on the now called Podiatry Course at QUT. We had 2 boys, Nathan now 20 and recently engaged to his highschool girlfriend of 7 years, studying to be a Primary School teacher; and Aaron now 18 - having a GAP year, working at CityBeach Brooky (he's the good-looking one) while trying to pursue a footy career in AFL. Yes, marrying a victorian resulted in my conversion to AFL ( sorry Tim - the guys do have better bodies than League players!) After having the boys I bought my own Podiatry Practice in Stafford, complete with staff. After 13 yrs I sold out to one of my employees and now work for her. Last year we merged with another practice in Rode Shops - a total of 5 podiatrists on staff - The Podiatry Point. Meantime I have been involved with my professional association (state president and conference convenor); am presently on the State Podiatry Registration Board; am State Podiatry Adviser to DVA (15 yrs) and now back at QUT as clinical tutor for 2nd year students - this time in the new Health clinics in the Kelvin Grove Urban Village. I have remained involved in my church - The Salvation Army all this time with my family. Life has not been without its turmoils and stresses. My memories of Mitchie high remain top of my list. I have always said my high school years were the best of my life - no stress, no fuss, carefree and fun - no mortgage, no responsibilities, nowhere to be, no life-altering decisions to make. I'm looking forward to catching up. Cheers.
Posted Wed 1 Oct 2008 12:26 PM
Neville Collins says: 30yrs in a paragraph ? Here we go. Like Di Philip I went into radiography which I am still doing.Worked at PAH,Ipswich,Redcliffe and currently HolySpiritNorthside Hospital where I run the CT scanner.Along the way married Tracey Tucker (also in our year-finished in gr10) in 1983, had 2 daughters (Ashleigh in '88 and Jaimie in '89) and settled at Eatons Hill where we have been since 1990. Still see and keep in touch with other class of 78 ers,Steve Smart,Col Greenhalgh and Ray Mitchell.--oh and also sometimes see that bloke Peter O'Brien who on the rare occaision I might find at the Ferny Grove Tavern. See you all on reunion night---Neville
Posted Tue 30 Sep 2008 2:19 PM
Nerylie Fischer says: Gee thanks Lindy for bringing up the pyjama game! Only recently was I sharing with my 2 teenage sons(who have both starred in their own school musicals) the horror of that fateful kiss - that actually landed on my lips on the final night. Playing lead role opposite a tall, skinny, bad-breathed grade 11 boy ( name withheld to protect the innocent) was something to be envied of I'm sure! I still don't know who it was who dared him to actually plant one on my lips the final night - the deal as to peck me on the cheek! I have my suspicions who. Maybe someone will own up to this one! It's a shame that none of the good-looking grade 12s actually auditioned for the role - or was that a BIG HINT! (I'm still having counselling to overcome the memories of the nicknames I was called.)
Posted Mon 29 Sep 2008 1:33 PM
Lindy Jones says: I'm not sure 30 years have done a lot for my memory - I was only at Mitchie for the last 3 years of my school career. I'd come from a high school in western Sydney with an enrolment greater than the total secondary population of Tasmania (but where only 16 students finished Form 6 - out of more than 250 Form 1!!) so Mitchie was a total revelation (or revolution!) I didn't have any preconceptions, and it surprised me to hear later that Mitchelton State High was the breeding ground for thugs and hooligans - but not in my experience! I loved being able to dream out the windows, looking over the ranges and the market garden - but not the smell of blood-and-bone when the winds blew (apparently the farmer was not allowed to fertilize if the winds blew over the residential area - but yeah, poison the schoolkids! My brother Alan, two years younger, worked there after school) I remember being a part of a great group of people, not all in the same home class - we weren't the swots, or the popular ones, or the daring ones, but we liked each other and enjoyed each other's company in and out of school. I remember getting Janine Jardine in to regular trouble from Miss Burke, poor dear her modern history lessons were so boring, but she always blamed Janine for us chatting, never me. I remember the highly impractical uniform, baking in summer, freezing in winter. I remember an English exam on Shakespeare where I gave up my essay halfway through and started another topic with about 15 mins to go - what I particularly remember is the look of horror on the faces around me as I noisily scribbled through the essay. I did manage to get 12 out of 20 for my page and a half anyway, so it didn't stop me coming top of English in the grade! I remember all those intense discussions trying to solve the problems of the world that only adolescents seem to be able to have - do we get too embarrassed once we leave the protected confines of school and see how the world sort-of-works, to have those deep-and-meaningfuls? I remember a certain someone drawing male genitalia on the blackboard and explaining to some amused girls how it worked, only to realise one of the art teachers was quietly watching! Maybe he appreciated the artistry? I remember how Evan Jones always enlivened the year - somewhere I still have one of those 8x10 glossies he distributed! I also remember the senior school musical, Pyjama Game - I can still belt out 'Steam Heat' which I do much to my partner's amusement and sideways glances - I usually only do it walking along the Pacific Highway to Crows Nest - it's pretty noisy anyway! I remember falling in love, and learning, and friendships that may only have lasted the school years, but were important in the formation of character anyway. I remember it as a mostly happy enough place, it didn't seem to have anywhere near the level of bullying or bitchiness I had seen at Kingswood High...and I certainly appreciated that almost sunny feeling of friendliness. I guess the little things I remember were important enough to stick. Plenty of life has flowed under the bridge since, and happier and sadder things have happened, but I'm still looking forward to catching up - hopefully I can recognise some of you!
Posted Mon 29 Sep 2008 7:11 AM
Diane Philip says: It has been great reading everyones posts, my life not as exciting as others! I left school to study radiography and worked for the first 11 years at the PA Hospital. Who should show up on the first day of training but Nev Collins! During this time I married a fellow radiographer. I left the radiography trade to become a florist for about 3 years and soon after leaving this had my first daughter. Almost 4 years later had my second daughter. Hannah is now 15 and Georgia is 11 and the joys of my life. Almost 7 years ago I separated from my husband of 17 years and have been happily single ever since. I am still a part time radiographer, live at Windaroo and have a busy life running after children! Recently caught up with Jeff Turpin a few times for coffee- he and I started Grade 1 together 42 years ago, now that's scary. Look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Di
Posted Sat 27 Sep 2008 1:30 PM
Trevor Torrens says: Wow - 30 years and it only seems like yesterday! You know I can still remember some of the school song - "Schools there are and schools are many but there's no school that has any chance against the legendary... " and most of the war cry " ..... Mitchie High School Burgundy and Blue" - I'll give you the rest at the reunion. Did some Uni after leaving school and got half way through a BA and then thought it wasn't for me and left to join the ranks of the public service - what was I thinking! Became an Industrial Inspector in the Dept of Industrial Relations and did a bit of country service at Southport, Rocky and Emerald. Held various other positions in the department including a policy adviser to the then Minister Santo Santoro - what a ride that was. Eventually, transferred to the Department of Education and Training as a Director in an area called Industry Development. Viv and I had intended to do a lot of travelling this year as we both have a fair bit of long service leave due. But in in February I took industry leave from the the public service to become the CEO of Joint Industry Services Training, which provides training for the fire protection industry, including confined space - Bruce, we swap stories about safety training. Live at Murrumba Downs (near Petrie) with Vivienne and our lovely daughters Rachel (20) and Emma (18). Viv and I will have been married 22 years on the day of the reunion - bit of a coincidence I'd say. Look forward to catching up with you all at the reunion PS - To Gary Horwood - mate it was great to hear from you and I'm glad you have fond memories of swimming in my parents pool. Only problem is that we didn't have a pool! Isn't it great getting old!!
Posted Fri 26 Sep 2008 9:23 AM
Stan Lawler says: Hi Richard, Long time no see, great to hear from you. I was tossing up whether to attend, but you have convinced me to come along. I have seen Greg Moon over the years but I have not seen him in a while. The first five years in the Air Force kept me out of Queensland, so it became near on impossible to keep in touch with people, something I really regret. I went to the 10 Year reunion, but knew nothing about the 20 year reunion, so I better go to this one. I look forward to catching up with you, and hopefully some more of the old crowd come along. Stan.
Posted Fri 26 Sep 2008 8:21 AM
Bruce Day says: 30 years!!?? Like everyone else I can't believe it, but I lost all contact virtually a year or two after we left school until a phone call a few day sago, so it really is a totlal surprise to me. Makes me feel old, but I can say that to you guys, because you are the same age. I too went to the Bank (of NSW then) and off to Chinchilla. Joined the Navy 7 Jan 2008, as a diver and bomb disposal technician (Clearance Diver) - dived in a few places around the world, and paid to do it. Went to Timor, if fact before the SAS (did my SAS course in 83). We had to clear the wharves for landings - 9 of us and 12,000 Indonesian Marines, boy did we kick arse. Went to the Gulf and that is where most of the Navies retired divers are now, 26? at the moment, but as civies. 24 years was enough Navy, and I always believed that if I wanted to work for idiots, I would form my own company, so I did, and I do. Safety training (Tower Rescue, SCBA Confined Spaces etc), boring as hell, but it pays the bills. Also have a commercial diving company, but it is very small, but more interesting, and it makes most of the bills. It is very balanced but am steadily funding my own quick eze outlet. Divorced with two boys living in Mandurah WA, Brandon 15 and Ryan 13. I live just south of Perth where our offices are. I was lucky to be found as Mick rang my Mum, who is 91 and has been living at the same house in Enoggera for the last 44 years. Wow this is hard to write, but hopefully it will be easier to talk to you guys, because I am going to try and be there. As I said, 91 years is a good innings and what a good excuse to cross the Nullabor and see my Mum. Nah, I'm doing it for you guys - still remember the school song, now that is sad. Hope to talk to you all soon
Posted Fri 19 Sep 2008 5:44 PM
Richard O'Brien says: I'm alive and well and living in Sydney with my lovely wife Cathy, and nine year old daughter Lauren. Like many of the people that have posted their history on the forum, I too couldn't resist the lure of Banking and joined Westpac. Westpac sent me to a variety of locations throughout Queensland and I have fond memories of many of these country towns. Moving back to Brisbane in 1987 and then meeting someone inspirational while working at Expo, I became heavily involved in TheatreSports and did one or two performances a week for ten years before being attracted to the bright lights of Sydney. I'm still with Westpac; looking after their/my ATM network. I look forward to catching up with some (hopefully not too) old faces at the reunion.
Posted Sun 7 Sep 2008 9:25 AM
Gary Horwood says: 1978 saw me waving goodbye from the passengers seat of Grant Tanzer's Red 1967 Hillman Hunter. "Grease" songs ringing in our ears. A new job with the Commonwealth Bank on the horizon and carefree days ahead with no more books or studies. After sitting a "test" for the Commonwealth Bank and being subjected to ex- Military (Vietnam) Bank Accountants I realised the "examinations" had only just begun. While Australia 2 was crossing the line to win the America's cup in 1983, I was lying in a dentists chair having a filling or two. From then until World Expo in 88 the Bank had transferred me through the Country centres and back to the City to be a Training Officer. By then the "school like" system of career advancement had worn me down. I watched the news reports of the horrendous events of Martin Bryant shooting up Port Arthur from my lounge room in Fairfield, Melbourne. An inspired decision the year before had me now studying to be a "Rudolf Steiner/Waldolf" Primary School Teacher. It turned out I was too much of an idealist to be an Educator, so a month after the World Trade Centre came crashing down I was off to the United Arab Emirates to talk trade in the Middle East. Timing is everything and I was back in Oz before George tried to save the free world. Since my return to Brisbane and up until Kevin disposed our "Thunderbird pilot like" second longest serving Prime Minister, I have been serving the state within Queensland Health and am currently managing a Retirement Village at West End. Like everyone, there's a thousand stories interweaved amongst these travels and if I get a chance to pop along in October I'd love to hear the journeys of others.
Posted Wed 3 Sep 2008 1:37 PM
Gary Horwood says: Jeff, One of the opportunities of this reunion is to reflect back on people and see how their lives turned out. And if I was to predict back then what you may do, you've done it and are doing it. I remember your involvement in the school musicals and just your general all-round uniqueness. And it seems that you've been in tune with those talents and listened to that calling of the Arts. To my mind The Arts and their contribution to our wellbeing is sadly neglected and undervalued in our mad "economic" society. I would suggest the people you have touched with your performances would say that it's not 30 years wasted.
Posted Wed 3 Sep 2008 9:33 AM
Jeff Turpin says: Haven't had kids, but lived in a few different cities - santiago de chile, new york, london edinburgh, st helen tasmania, sydney, atherton... didn't really want to be an engineer, nor work for the electricity board, there seems no shortage of built environment, but i was inspired by the arts and performance in particular. I am a performer and musician, was musical director for Childrens'Activity Groups from 1990 to 1996. Acting as musical director, performer and musician in "scam" an acrobatic balance and juggling troupe, Raradada Physical theatre in 2001 & 03 in the "Ten days on the Island Festival" and Slipstream Circus '04. His musical skills include woodwind, accordion and guitar. Jeff toured western Canada in 2004 with hurdy-gurdy playing folk singer Barb Dwyer. Toured to greece with conan the bubbleman in '06. My self devised solo work "Sid the Salesman" toured internationally in 1996 and in 2002, he performed "Turpintime" for the Tiny Top, an intimate festival tent theatre, which toured around Australia. These solo works feature my circus skills which include juggling, object manipulation, slackrope and tightrope. As a clown I have performed in Taiwan with my partner Anna Yen as Los Lunch Dates, and U.K., Brazil, and throughout Australia with Broadway & Co. in "Eccentric Acts". With Broadway and Co, also taught Actlab, co-devised the performance for the opening of the Australian Museum in 2001, and performed in Circus Monoxide in the Sydney Maritime Museum. I have trained with Philippe Gaulier, Rock'n'Roll Circus's 1997 Professional Development Training Program and The Creative Gym. and have a civil and structural engineering degree from the vocationally biased QUT.1987 and working on becoming an after school care circus skills coach. my hobby is buying musical instruments and learning to play them. the latest is the Er-hu. hope i didn't waste the last 30 yrs.....
Posted Tue 2 Sep 2008 10:33 AM
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